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Cast2Car: A safer way to listen while driving

Like a lot of people, Jason Jeffries’s wife has a long commute, and she uses podcasts to pass the time on the road. But she doesn’t like messing with her phone when she drives, so Jason — a developer– decided to use the car’s USB port and some cobbled together code to put podcasts on a USB drive. His wife loved it:  it allowed her to use the car’s stereo to listen to pre-selected podcasts, and after the two of them used it for a road trip, Jason decided to turn it into an app. He named the app Cast2Car, and he uses to power it.

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The secret life of a podcast curator

By day, Sara Weber is a professional writer, covering technology and startups. By night, she’s the creator and author of Sara’s Podcast Newsletter, a collection of curated podcast recommendations and thoughtful takes on the on-demand audio industry with thousands of subscribers.

The newsletter, which has now been publishing for over two years, started the way many great personal projects do: in a moment of idleness. Sara, who lives in Munich but has dual U.S. and German citizenship, was visiting her dad in Ohio in 2015. It was winter and she wasn’t feeling well, and in her words, “There isn’t much to do when you’re sick and bored in Ohio, and it’s freezing outside.” She’d been listening to a lot of podcasts and friends had taken to asking her for recommendations. She sat in her bedroom and thought, why not put this in a newsletter rather than just sharing my thoughts with one person at a time?

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5 questions for Anna Sale

Anna Sale is the host of Death, Sex & Money — a podcast from WNYC Studios that uses personal experience to dive deep into the sorts of stories we generally ignore in polite company, from a prison guard who comes out as transgender to a man who discovers he is not his daughter’s biological dad. The show turned three this year. We caught up with Anna to hear more about the editorial process behind the show, how she likes living on the West Coast, and her alternative career.

Was the radio a big part of your childhood? What did you and your family listen to when you were growing up?

I definitely grew up in a public radio household; we always listened to West Virginia Public Radio. There’s a road where I grew up — it’s very curvy and takes you the back way up the hill we lived on, through forests and woods. I have this very vivid memory of driving home from youth symphony rehearsal with my dad up this long curvy road, listening to Terry Gross.

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What we’re listening to and reading

As you might imagine, at we don’t just spend our days building tools to make podcasts searchable and discoverable — we’re also all avid fans, listeners, and followers of all things in the audio space. Here is a selection of recent shows we’re listening to and articles we’re reading.

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Come + Play hackathon final projects

Last month, we hosted Come and Play — an audio storytelling hackathon where artists, producers, developers, and designers came together at the Thoughtworks offices in San Francisco to find new and fun ways to tell stories with audio (the event was co-organized by and Buzzfeed, and sponsored by Stitcher and Detour).  

Today, we want to share the eight amaaaazing projects developed by the teams who participated. Broadly speaking, they fell into three categories — sharing/discovery, context/commentary, and audience participation. These projects will make you think about who gets to be a creator, the ways we use audio in our daily lives, the editorial role of the community, and more. (And if you want to start with a quick primer on what exactly a hackathon is, check out this conversation between two of the participants, Sonia Paul and Claire Mullen).

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“Are we there yet?”

The podcast industry is growing — something that thrills all of us working on the creation, discovery, and delivery of on-demand audio. But with growth comes change, sometimes lurching, as companies and organizations seek ways to thrive, expand, and capitalize on the interest of their market.

A few weeks ago, a group of people working in the business of podcasts gathered at Spotify in New York City to talk about key challenges and opportunities in our industry — and how we might work together to tackle them. began hosting these podcast business and technology summits in cahoots with Nick Quah of Hot Pod in the fall of 2015; the Spotify meeting was our fourth such gathering. We came up with the idea for the podcast summits because in the course of our work at and its sister product, Pop Up Archive, we spend a lot of time strategizing with numerous podcast industry constituents who face similar challenges around growing audience, monetizing audio content, and measuring listener behavior — and at the same time, we noticed a stark lack of opportunities for decision makers at those companies to compare notes and unite on strategies that would, as the metaphor goes, lift all boats.

Attendees at Spotify represented a variety of interests, including hosting platforms, ad networks, publishers, listening apps, podcast studios, public radio stations, and more. Here are some of the main themes we discussed.

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Audio alive: new forms of social listening

Probably the most famous story about the cultural impact of radio is the 1938 broadcast adaptation of War of the Worlds, a science fiction novel about alien invasion by H.G. Wells. Narrated by Orson Welles, the 60-minute broadcast was presented as a news bulletin and purportedly generated utter panic in a million listeners (this number is the subject of some dispute).

At that time, listening to the radio was often a shared experience. Along with newspapers and books, radio was a dominant form of media delivery and consumption. From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats in 1933 to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of war with Germany in 1939, people gathered around radios, together, to hear news and stories.  

The role of radio in our daily lives has changed substantially since then. On-demand audio has made many listening experiences solitary: just one person and their earbuds. But new forms of social listening are emerging even in an on-demand world, offering opportunities for human connection and discussion that call back to ways we used to listen to the radio — while also taking the experience in new directions.

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Meet a podcast librarian

Ever since RadioPublic — the podcast discovery and recommendation app from PRX — launched last year, there has been a lot of buzz about one particular feature: “Ask a Librarian.” This part of the app connects you with an actual person who curates new shows for you to try. Ma’ayan Plaut is one of the librarians who interacts with users each week, providing personalized recommendations based on their preferences.


In your own words, what is a podcast librarian?

A Podcast Librarian is your guide to getting you to listen to something great. As RadioPublic’s Podcast Librarian, I research, curate, and recommend shows to new and long-time listeners through individual requests and in the Explore section of the RadioPublic app.

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5 Questions for Jenna Weiss-Berman

Jenna Weiss-Berman is a podcast producer and was formerly director of audio for Buzzfeed, where she worked on Another Round. In 2016 she co-founded Pineapple Street Media with Max Linsky, where she has cultivated an incredible roster of clients and projects. Here are five questions for Jenna. Read more powering the future of listening

In 2014, our co-founders — Anne Wootton and Bailey Smith — were very, very busy.

Every day they were commuting from Oakland, CA to 500 Startups’ Mountain View accelerator  as they developed Pop Up Archive, a business then in its infancy. They spent their days learning about speech-to-text software and ways of modeling data for audio, pitching their vision that audio was a medium whose parity with text was becoming inevitable. They talked about developing a product that was like Google for all types of audio. Then the podcast “Serial” was released.

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