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Taking a closer look at podcast performance

As we’ve built Charts, we’re gathering more and more data points on podcast rankings over time. We’ve started with iTunes charts data (according to some sources, Apple’s podcast app accounts for 70% of podcast listening), and we’ll incorporate other sources from here. Using’s in-depth show statistics tool, you can examine podcast charts stats in multiple ways — and gain insight into the otherwise opaque algorithms that power the charts themselves.

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The sorry state of podcast charts

Where are the Billboard Charts for podcasts? Let’s face it. When it comes to measuring top performers, podcasts lag behind other media types.

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Sharing audio on Twitter

Though the media has been abuzz this year about the rise of podcasting, the reality is that podcast listening still takes up a modest slice of overall media consumption.

What’s holding podcasting back from broader adoption? One problem is that podcast listening is often siloed within podcast apps, without direct connections to broader social networks. Finding easier ways to share audio where people are already hanging out — on social media — can help attract new listeners.

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Podcasts picked by people

The challenges of podcast discovery are well-documented. When the iTunes store lists over 250,000 podcasts (and counting!), how are listeners supposed to sift through it all to find their new favorite audio shows?

We’re collecting “Tastemaker” audio as part of our project to help listeners find the cream of the crop. It’s a way for you to see what different reputable sources have recommended over time, and what they have to say about those recommendations.

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An overview of the API

Do you work with podcasts or radio shows on the web? The API is an amazing audio tool for your arsenal.

We’re collecting lots of data about audio stories for you to use.

We’re building to be the web’s most comprehensive source of data about podcasts and radio, starting with audio recommendations, networks, categories, and transcript results for any search query.

With the application program interface (API), developers have information about thousands of podcasts and radio shows at their fingertips.

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