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Category: Research

Libraries: Frontiers in podcast awareness

It started with a post in the New York Times Podcast Club Facebook group from a librarian looking for podcast recommendations to share with her students.

As the suggestions from other group members started rolling in, I began thinking about the relationship between libraries and podcasts more generally. Public libraries are these amazing social resources, providing everything from internet access, to books, movies, music, and community programming — all for free. Were they doing anything to formally incorporate podcasts into this media lineup? You can’t stock podcasts on shelves, but were there example of libraries that made podcast recommendations through newsletters, did shared listening events, or otherwise actively embraced this form of storytelling?

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Discovering audio through trends and tastemakers

Back in January we asked: What are the biggest challenges facing digital audio? Nick van Der Kolk, host of Radiotopia’s Love + Radio said: “The biggest vacuum right now is curatorial.” He wasn’t the only one: lots of people have noted the barriers that keep great audio from being discovered.

The conversation around audio storytelling can be diffuse. So how do you keep track of the threads? At, we’ve been experimenting with new ways to discover audio.

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How people listen to, save, and discover new podcasts

As part of research for, we shared a survey on Twitter from March 18-26, 2015 asking people how they listen to and save podcast episodes. We received 102 responses.

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