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Category: Use case

How I use: Audio Alerts

Audio Alerts are a feature of that delivers email alerts to your inbox whenever a specific word or phrase is mentioned in a podcast. Maybe you’re doing research for a paper or a passion project. Maybe you’re using them as a Google alert for mentions of your own name (nothing wrong with that!). Here are six ways people are putting this tool to work for them.

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How I use: Topic Clusters

Jenny Luna works at Mother Jones on the show Bite, “a podcast for people who think hard about their food.” She does everything from pitching ideas, to booking guests, to promoting the episodes on social media and in their weekly Food for Thought newsletter, which goes out to all of their food fans and subscribers. The audience is wide — some folks may not listen to Bite, but will follow their food coverage. As part of that newsletter, Jenny includes a blurb about other episodes and shows related to food that the Bite team is listening to. But it’s not always easy to come up with new recommendations to share, and she found that rather than sharing new shows, she sometimes had to repeat the same ones in multiple newsletters.

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A new radio for a digital age

Greg Fadul and his business partner Jim Palmer founded their company, Grace Digital, as a niche audio consumer electronics company. Their concept was to create value-added solutions with more unique features than a typical big company would provide, and their first product was an internet radio. It was 2007, and the first iPhone had been released just months earlier.

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Cast2Car: A safer way to listen while driving

Like a lot of people, Jason Jeffries’s wife has a long commute, and she uses podcasts to pass the time on the road. But she doesn’t like messing with her phone when she drives, so Jason — a developer– decided to use the car’s USB port and some cobbled together code to put podcasts on a USB drive. His wife loved it:  it allowed her to use the car’s stereo to listen to pre-selected podcasts, and after the two of them used it for a road trip, Jason decided to turn it into an app. He named the app Cast2Car, and he uses to power it.

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CastNinja: A desktop alternative to iTunes

Jesse Morris is a big podcast fan. He tries to expose himself to a broad range of topics that interest him, and he’s fascinated by podcasts as a form of unregulated media that can address something as inane as socks or as elaborate as French Revolutionary history.

Jesse is also a software developer, and while he typically uses an app on his phone to listen to podcasts, sometimes he wants to listen on the web to avoid running his battery down. He used to use iTunes, but stopped after he switched to using his Android device for music and podcasts. He found that it was difficult to find a good replacement for desktop listening — so he decided to create his own, CastNinja, using the API.

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Pastime: Streamlining the podcast app

Software engineer Andrew Roper first got the idea to build Pastime — a “rigorously simplistic” audiobook and podcasting app — when a relative was diagnosed with macular degeneration. With its large buttons and straightforward navigation, Pastime was made to suit the needs of visually impaired people. That challenge prompted Andrew to consider broader issues of accessibility.

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