Audio Alerts are a feature of that delivers email alerts to your inbox whenever a specific word or phrase is mentioned in a podcast. Maybe you’re doing research for a paper or a passion project. Maybe you’re using them as a Google alert for mentions of your own name (nothing wrong with that!). Here are six ways people are putting this tool to work for them.

Kim Izaguirre-Merlos

“I set up an Audio Alert up to keep updated on baseball related stories since that’s my area of reporting.”


“I have one for “Klosterman” (or “Chuck Klosterman”). I set it up because I really enjoy hearing Chuck Klosterman on podcasts, but he doesn’t have a show of his own.”

Shokai Sinclair

“I set it up to see if any audio files came out where an artist I’m researching is mentioned.”

Christian Bednarek

“I set up an alert for ‘Migration.’ I’m interested into that topic and using I try to get an overview on how migration is a topic outside of Germany, where I’m from. My parents migrated to germany 45 years ago, so this is a topic in my family for generations, since my grand- and great-grandparents come from other different parts of Asia and Europe.”

Doug Dragon

“I’ve setup a couple audio alerts; one for my place of work (I work at a place formerly called Dyn and we were talked about quite a bit back in October from the DNS attack) and wanted to keep an eye, or ear, to what was being said. I also have an audio alert for some politics related topics I’m interested in hearing more about w/o having to listen to everything that’s out there — which would be impossible.”

Anne Wootton

In 2015, when Justin Bieber’s album Purpose was released, I became obsessed not only with all the bangers on that record, but also with the redemptive quality of Bieber’s story over the past few years. It’s not just Bieber’s transition from child star to releasing songs that people in their 30s and beyond can’t stop playing: it’s the backlash, and his resulting reinvention, that makes his story so compelling. As Sasha Frere-Jones and Josh Topolsky expounded on Topolsky’s podcast, Tomorrow: “We’re living in the world of all the feels now… [Bieber’s] reclaiming of any position of respect or even attention in pop music is based around the character of a guy with regrets, and who’s anxious, and screws up and is just trying to figure it out like the rest of us.”

I promptly signed up for a “Justin Bieber” audio alert at to keep up on Bieber news, and it’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. It’s how I found that episode of Josh Topolsky’s podcast, for example, as well as countless other shows that have some commentary on Bieber’s role in pop music and pop culture.


Set up an audio alert for yourself here.