Jenny Luna works at Mother Jones on the show Bite, “a podcast for people who think hard about their food.” She does everything from pitching ideas, to booking guests, to promoting the episodes on social media and in their weekly Food for Thought newsletter, which goes out to all of their food fans and subscribers. The audience is wide — some folks may not listen to Bite, but will follow their food coverage. As part of that newsletter, Jenny includes a blurb about other episodes and shows related to food that the Bite team is listening to. But it’s not always easy to come up with new recommendations to share, and she found that rather than sharing new shows, she sometimes had to repeat the same ones in multiple newsletters.

Jenny uses the Topic Clusters to feature and discover new shows and episodes to recommend, identifying podcasts that, like Bite, are at the intersection of Food and Politics. “Many food podcasts are really about chefs, or diet and fitness, but Bite is a food show that’s really about politics. The topic clusters tool is hugely helpful in delivering results that reflect that distinction.”

She also uses the main search bar to deliver results using keywords. For example, for a 4th of July newsletter she searched for words like “barbecue” and “hamburger,” and then sorted the results by Buzz Score to get a sense of what to recommend to Bite listeners. (Explained Jenny, “I feel more confident sharing shows and episodes that have a buzz score, and generally feel like I have to do less vetting when that metric is present.”)

The main search bar helps her find content in other ways as well. She remembered hearing a great episode of Criminal that dealt with baking, marijuana, and San Francisco in the Summer of Love — but she couldn’t remember the name. In the process of searching for something specific, she has serendipitously discovered new shows like the Growing Farms podcast, which she had never previously seen in iTunes searches. Once the results are delivered, Jenny sorts through them, listening to identify the ones she wants to include in the newsletter. “ has been a great tool when I have a limited amount of time to search or don’t have any content to share that’s already top-of-mind.”

Finally, has proven useful for when Jenny is researching topics for future episodes of Bite. “A part of researching topics is finding out who else has covered them, and how. So if we’re thinking about doing an episode about food stamps, or hunger, I definitely want to start by seeing how they’ve been handled by other shows in the past.”