As you might imagine, at we don’t just spend our days building tools to make podcasts searchable and discoverable — we’re also all avid fans, listeners, and followers of all things in the audio space. Here is a selection of recent shows we’re listening to and articles we’re reading.


Brian (Engineer)

The Wilhelm Scream” (Twenty Thousand Hertz)

I played this for my 10 year old godson who hadn’t heard of the ubiquitous movie scream, but the adults in the car appreciated the outtakes from the original recording, and the fun montage of Wilhelms through cinematic history.

Lea in Trumpland” (Strangers)

The Lea in Trumpland mini-series of Strangers has been amazing to listen to. She brings such an intimacy and rawness to everything she records, while remaining articulate and thought-provoking. The Trumpland episodes are basically the host and a series of Trump supporters spending time together to very earnestly ask each other “what the hell”. It may not heal any wounds, but feels like a dose of disinfecting honesty that’s sorely needed in the media and the country right now.

Tali (Computational Linguist)

Nancy from WNYC

I’ve been lukewarm about some of the episodes of Nancy, but I really do recommend it overall! It’s so fantastic for there to be a space in public radio dedicated to queer stories. I find Nancy to be compelling and moving, and the hosts are a great duo.

Playdate with Sarah Jones from PRI

The host plays several different characters, and switches between them during the interviews, blending fiction and non-fiction in a way I haven’t heard on any other podcast.

Anne (CEO, Co-founder)

George Saunders (15 Minutes)

Recorded while Saunders was on the press junket for Lincoln in the Bardo, but way more about Saunders’ life and approach to writing than it is about the book itself (which is amazing and worth reading even if you’re not a Lincoln devotée like yours truly). Questions of artistic mindset, watching the self, identity and agency vs. acceptance.

TL;DR: George Saunders is amazing.

Latin Pop Thrives, No Bieber Required (NYTimes Popcast)

Bieber arguably fucked up when he coerced Luis Fonsi to let him remix the song Despacito, which consequently became a #1 hit, then performed it live only to butcher his Spanish verse with a series of “blah blahs” and a “burrito” thrown in for good offensive appropriating measure. On the flip side, Popcast probably wouldn’t have even done this Latin pop-focused episode if it weren’t for Bieber, and I was glad to get the introduction and some history.

Francis Starlite (Stoner)

Aaron Lammer is as wonderful a host on Longform as he is on his new show, Stoner. Francis (of Francis and the Lights) shares delightful insights into his relationship with drugs, dancing, and music. Can still remember exactly where I was as I laughed out loud at his description of his made-up deep somatic pool dance exercises and the jazz camp advice he once received to hear the beauty of every single note he plays on the piano.

Bailey (CTO, Co-founder)

Invisibilia from NPR

The new Invisibilia season is out and I really enjoyed the first two episodes on emotions. The guest, Lisa Feldman Barrett, challenged some of my strong and long-held assumptions about emotions and where they come from.

Shindo (Engineer)

Boo-boo Ass Milk” bonus episode (2 Dope Queens)

Nicole Byer goes on an amazing rant about what it’s like to be the boss of a bunch of dudes who don’t listen and then takes you to church about sticking up for yourself and your vision and it is beautiful (Ed. note: this segment starts around 20:47).

Leda (Marketing Director)

Authenticity vs. Conformity” (The Broad Experience)

I listen to pretty much every episode of The Broad Experience generally — it always provokes me to think about work and meaning in a new or fresh way. In this episode, host Ashley Milne-Tyte discusses a topic I think so many of us struggle with: how much of ourselves to bring to the workplace, and how much to leave behind.


Will Alexa Destroy Us?” (Brian Edwards-Tiekert / KPFA)

Inside ‘The Daily’ with Michael Barbaro” (Susan Lehman / The New York Times)

Podcasting Predictions For 2017” (Steve Pratt / Pacific Content)

My five-and-a-half cents on the current state of podcasting” (Tom Webster / Edison)

Canadian Share of Ear” (Edison Research)

What we learned by making both newcomers and experienced participants feel connected and engaged at the Vienna Hackathon” (multiple authors / Wikimedia)

The world’s easiest embed player: the hunt for podcast links is over” (Lauren Bacon)


Now it’s your turn — what are you listening to and reading that you love (or just makes you think about something in a new or unexpected way)? Tell us in the comments!